Dr Jeannette Potts
Formerly at the Cleveland Clinic
and Case Western Reserve
Specializing In:
Men's Health
Urological Pelvic Pain Syndromes
Chronic Pain in men and women

Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain | Prostatitis | No Scalpel-Vasectomy

About Dr. Jeannette Potts

Dr. Potts was born and raised in northeast Ohio. She graduated from Lumen Cordium High School in 1980 after which she matriculated to Lake Erie College for Women where she received her BA in Science and Fine Arts in 1983. In 1983, she attended the Université de Caen to study French language and civilization and also conducted independent study of Catalan art and history, with assistance from the Generalitat of Cataluña in Barcelona, Spain. During her Fulbright Scholarship application process, she was one of 23 specially selected for the ITT Fellowship for Post Graduate Study Abroad. She spent the following two years conducting anthropological research in Guanajuato, Mexico. Read more »

Chronic Urological Pelvic Pain

For decades, the approach to men suffering from chronic urological pelvic pain (UCPPS) was confined to a specific urological diagnosis, namely prostatitis. Men who experienced discomfort in their genitals, groin, perineum or pelvis were believed to be suffering from prostatitis and were treated, sometimes repeatedly, with long courses of antibiotics, although only 5-7% have been associated with positive bacterial cultures. Sadly, men who exhibited a high white blood cell count in their semen or prostatic fluid were subjected to antibiotics and sometimes coupled with serial prostate massages, and those who had no sign of inflammation in their semen were told they had prostatodynia or prostadynia, and were usually dismissed or referred to a psychologist. And yet many of these patients also underwent many costly, invasive and unnecessary tests! Read more »

UCPPS 3D Modeling

A man with UCPPS is more than just another patient with an inflamed prostate gland. As acclaimed business leader, Peter Drucker , described the knowledge age worker - a four-dimensional being, deserving of compassion and respect - all patients should be approached similarly by their care-giver. Unfortunately, given today's climate in healthcare, this perspective is rare, especially when it comes to those with chronic pain. Read more »

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